IVECO D - Day Hackaton. Disruptive. Different. Daily.

I won the first prize at the IVECO Hackaton together with other 5 friends.

Enrico Moccia
May 18, 2014

The creative hackaton organized by Iveco and Talent Garden took place on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th. The aim was to find a disruptive idea to enforce the Iveco leadership and its new Daily launch.

The Balangero’s team won the first prize bringing back home a huge bank check (2,5x1 meters) of 5,000€ after the spectacular show performed in front of a jumbo audience.

After two days and one night of creative brainstorming, coding, visual design, networking and many other things we succeeded in our mission.

Thanks again Iveco and Talent Garden for this interesting and precious opportunity (and for the money too...)

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