What I do.

I create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.

  • Interaction Design.

    Creating products and services so that it can adapt to users behavior and context.

  • User Experience design.

    Designing enjoyable experiences focusing on user insights and basic needs.

My capabilities.

User experience.

User interface.


Web and mobile design.

App design.

Visual design.

Logo and graphics.

Social campaigns.

3D printing techniques.

Front-end development.

Usability test.

Project management.

How I work.

Projects of different nature followed by the same approach and design process.


  • Before I start the design process, I want to get to know the product, its target and its users.
  • I meet the client, brainstorm ideas, and sketch them out together to figure out where to begin.


  • I help solidify the clients' ideas by creating wireframes for the project.
  • This stage allows me to explore all the options quickly, focusing only on layout and usability, so that I can get feedback as early as possible.


  • The next phase in my process is building a static prototype. Based on the wireframes, I start structuring things using HTML and CSS.
  • In this way I study the interactions among the product sections and it gives a complexity overview to the developers.

User testing.

  • Light user testing is done throughout the design process. It can be done after wireframing, prototyping, or implementation.
  • I feel that the earlier and more often user testing is done, the better the application will be in the end.

Visual design.

  • The visual design process is one of the most exciting steps. It's time to begin layering in color, texture and perfect the use of typography.
  • Because I care about every little detail, I spend a lot of time perfecting and polishing the entire application.


  • Depending on the project's timeline, I can go from wireframes to implementation.
  • I understand time and budget constraints and I am here to help to craft a product that users will fall in love with.

A simple, iterative process.